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CSCLF helps students chase their dreams

2018-04-30 22:55:00   

  The Honda Dream Fund of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) held a conference themed "Dreams drive the future" in Beijing on April 26.

  The first group of students who won financial assistance from the fund was announced during the event. A series of strict reviews were conducted on 224 applicants. Eight stood out among the competitors and will receive financial assistance in stages over the next three years, with the highest subsidy being 30,000 yuan ($4,692) per year.

  Jing Dunquan, vice-chairman of CSCLF, speaks at the conference.

  During his address at the conference, Jing Dunquan, vice-chairman of CSCLF, encouraged students to be brave in the ways they pursued their dreams.

  "With minds in the sky and feet routed to the ground, you will soon realize your dreams," he said.

  He also expressed his hopes that the winners would make a positive influence on young people around them to promote the stable development of society.

  Mizuno Yasuhide, general manager of Honda China division, speaks at the conference.

  According to Mizuno Yasuhide, general manager of Honda China division, the original intention in establishing the fund was to give back to China by supporting the dreams of its teenagers. The company hopes that teenagers can face up to challenges and secure China's future.

  A recipient of money from the fund speaks at the conference.

  At the conference, the winners shared their hopes and dreams for the future. They also expressed their gratitude for support from the Honda Dream Fund. Although they all have different dreams, they have one thing in common -- they are fearless in confronting difficulties, passionate about innovation and hard-working in pursuit of their dreams.

  Senior executives of CSCLF and Honda China pose for a photograph with recipients of money from the fund.

  In contrast to traditional public welfare, the Honda Dream Fund stresses long-term support for individuals using capital over time. It is a new type of welfare focused on targeted poverty alleviation and the development of teenagers.

  The fund will follow up and evaluate the winners' performance during the first year to decide on the amount of money to provide. The selection of the second group of students is projected to be launched in the second half of this year.

  The Honda Dream Fund was officially established by CSCLF and Honda China in September 2017. In the first three years, the fund plans to invest 3 million yuan. For more details, please follow the official website of CSCLF:

  (Source: Fund Department)


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