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Cross-Straits welfare forum held in Xiamen

2018-06-11 12:31:00   

  The sixth cross-Straits welfare forum was held in the city of Xiamen on June 5.

  The forum was held by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF), the Central Committee for Social Development and Services of the Zhigong Party, the Taiwan Chinese Culture Promotion Association, the Taiwan Teacher Chang Foundation, the Taiwan Ten Outstanding Young Persons Foundation, the China Huaxia Culture Exchange Association, the Taiwan Soka Association and the Hong Kong Federation of Volunteers.

  More than 500 philanthropists and representatives from 51 welfare institutes both in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan attended the forum.

  The sixth cross-Straits welfare forum is held in the city of Xiamen, on June 5.

  CSCLF Chairman Wang Jiarui delivers a speech.

  Wang Jiarui, chairman of the CSCLF and Zhang Zhijun, president of the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

  Wang in his speech said that cross-Straits cooperation in charity was beneficial to the joint development of both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan as well as to the development of teenagers on both sides of the Straits.

  “Beneficence, with its pure, lofty and positive nature, is an essential part of Chinese culture. As Chinese descendants, we need to carry forward and promote the charitable spirit,” said Wang.

  “In the new era, I hope that welfare organizations on both sides of the Straits will try new patterns of partnership, enhance the cooperation to cover more fields and join forces to promote the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations so as to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Zhang Zhijun, president of the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits.

  Zhang Zhijun said that China has long had a traditional virtue that calls on people to give aids to others in need.

  “Neither the shallow Straits nor political human factors can cut off the ties between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland,” he said.

  “The Cross-Straits Welfare Forum is an important part of the Cross-Straits Forum. Over the past five years since it began, the forum has turned into an important platform for philanthropic organizations and people from both sides of the Straits to conduct exchanges and promote the integrative development of the cross-Straits philanthropic cause,” Zhang added.

  He also expressed his wishes that this year‘s forum will accelerate the process of bringing the agreed measures into action to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, and get more people across the Straits to devote themselves to the cause of charity as well as to the improvement of cross-Straits relations and the welfare of people from both sides.

  The forum is chaired by CSCLF Executive Vice-chairman Hang Yuanxiang.

  The opening ceremony was hosted by Hang Yuanxiang, executive vice-chairman of the CSCLF. Xue Weimin, vice-chairman of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Yan Xiaopei, vice-chairman of Zhigong Party; Zhao Yi, director-general of the Taiwan Chinese Culture Promotion Association, and Peng Zhijun, deputy secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Volunteers, delivered speeches.

  According to the guidelines titled “measures to promote economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Straits” released by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the National Development and Reform Commission, the CSCLF partnered with other organizations such as Vstartup, Zhengzhou Media Group and Erke to provide 133 internships and 76 employment opportunities for young people from Taiwan to work in the Chinese mainland.

  At the ceremony, a program designed to offer support to young people from Taiwan who choose to work or start up a business on the Chinese mainland was launched.

  In order to show support for the CSCLF‘s targeted poverty alleviation program, three companies - - Guanlan Networks (Hangzhou) Co, Beijing Hudong Dianfeng Technology Co and Bsoft Co, donated 5.86 million yuan ($904.181) worth of online medical training platforms and chronic disease management systems, 5.79 million yuan worth of remote medical systems and a “family doctor” platform, as well as a 18.48 million yuan worth of health information systems to Pengyang county in Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

  The total value of the donations amounted to 30.13 million yuan, all of which will be used to improve local medical conditions.

  Tianjin Zhongya Huitong donated 2 million yuan to Pengyang county for the welfare program of building “intellectual classrooms” in local areas.

  The organizing committee of the cross-Straits welfare forum invited Wang Zhenyao, dean of the China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University and Shengzhen China Global Philanthropy Institute; Liu Wenkui, deputy director-general and secretary-general of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA); Ge Yongguang, chairman of the Taiwan Teacher Chang Foundation, and Shen Zhihui, director-general of the Taiwan China Huaxia Culture Exchange Association to deliver reports at the main session of the forum.

  During the two-day forum, 28 representatives from institutes, organizations and companies from across the Taiwan Straits had deep exchanges and discussion on issues related to “welfare for young people and social development” and “effective philanthropy and social innovation”.

  Since the establishment in 2003,the Cross-Straits Welfare Forum has long upheld the principle of “benefiting both sides of the Straits through joining in force for charity”.

  Forums of such kind themed “exchanges and cooperation in philanthropy between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan”, “the right way of public welfare - - development and innovation”, “public welfare makes society more harmonious”, “connect good hearts; both sides of the Straits are in a family”, “philanthropy journey; Chinese dream” have been held for five consecutive years.

  Advocated and organized by the forum, a series of welfare programs have been conducted including a program of bringing home the remains of the China’s expeditionary force. Also, a memorandum was signed between welfare institutions and organizations across the Straits to join in force in the circumstance of a severe disaster.

  On the evening of June 4, Wang met with people in charge of the public welfare organizations and had deep discussions with them on how to further cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation.

  (Source: China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Training Center)


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